Hey Everyone,

I know I’m not the only fan out there that watches Archer and Parks & Recreation online. These shows are hilarious. I’m not sure what direction this site will take, but at some point I hope to get some interaction with some other fans.

Watch Archer Online

Should You Pay To Watch These Shows Online

Obviously they’re great shows, but is it really worth paying for them? Finding Archer Online is a lot easier to find that Parks and Rec, but in my opinion; I’d much rather pay a few extra dollars and watch them, if the only other option is to not watch them.

I don’t have cable, so I am always looking for these shows online. There are some decent places where you can view the episode guides, and then you can further your search by looking for specific episodes in those lists.

Watch Parks and Recreation Online

I’m not really sure how much longer Parks and Recreation will be filmed. Wasn’t it their last episode these past season? Archer is going to be around for awhile. That’s for sure.

I’ll be sure to update soon. Thanks for reading. – Chris